Online Class Schedule & Events

If you would like to attend classes, please email a request to join. 
*Introductory Course for new students starting September 23rd* 
If you are a newcomer to JBYoga and interested in attending online classes, please get in touch via email at the address below.
Payment by bacs or paypal, get in touch for details

Online classes are different to face to face sessions.  Students take part at their own risk.  Please make sure you are practicing in a safe environment.

New online weekly schedule

Day                      Time                    Level                     
Monday              18:00 – 19:15        Mixed ability          
Tuesday              18:30 – 20:30       Intermediate          {invite only}
Wednesday        19:00 – 20:15        Beginner                 
Friday                 10:00 – 11:15         Mixed ability          
Saturday            10:30 – 12:00        Mixed ability          full equipment needed 
Payment remains as it was, with a sliding scale from £5 – £10 per class depending on your situation. 
New 6 week Online Introductory Courses for Absolute beginners Wednesdays 17.30 – 18.30 get in touch asap for details, to enrol.  No equipment needed
Beginner – For existing beginners and Improvers.  Working on the basics with minimal props needed.
Mixed ability – For students attending regular classes for 1 year or more.  improver props needed.
Intermediate – Advanced level class for long term students with an established self practice.  Must have invite from teacher to attend.  Full set of props needed.
Props, Definitions
Minimal                     Improver                   Full set
Yoga Mat                   Yoga Mat                   Yoga Mat
1 brick                        2 bricks                      2 bricks
Belt/scarf                  Belt/scarf                   Yoga belt    
Chair                          4 foam blocks            4 foam blocks
Large blanket           Large blanket            Large Blanket
                                    Chair                           Yoga chair
Items in green can be found around the home, no need to buy speciality equipment unless preferred.
All workshops below are suspended until further notice

2020 Yoga Workshops @

Birmingham Buddhist Centre

11th & 12th July

Saturday 11th – 10am – 1pm

Sunday 12th – 3pm – 5pm

15th & 16th August

Saturday 15th – 10am – 1pm

Sunday 16th – 3pm – 5pm

3rd & 4th October

Saturday 3rd – 10am – 1pm

Sunday 4th – 3pm – 5pm

14th & 15th November

Saturday 14th – 10am – 1pm

Sunday 15th – 3pm – 5pm

Delve deeper into the practice of asana and pranayama.

Through careful guidance and attention to detail you will learn to refine your practice and develop a stronger connection with your own being.

These weekends are an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in yoga goodness and an opportunity to share good food and conversation with like minded beings.

Come and join the fun!

“Giving individual attention where needed throughout each class, I strive to teach always with passion, care and a sense of humour! ”  

These sessions are open to experienced students.

Saturday –  £20     Sunday – £12

Women’s Yoga & Sound Workshop  – £30

Saturday Lunch – It has now become tradition to share food after our Saturday morning sessions.  It is a lovely way to get to know other students as well as not having to worry about lunch when you get home.  If you’d like to join in, please bring along something plant based to share on the day.

Booking essential 

For further information or to book your space, please get in touch.



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